Invite to Our GitHub Org

This invitation tool is designed for developers looking to join and contribute to our community-driven projects. By becoming a part of our GitHub organization (aka org), you engage in meaningful open-source software development alongside a network of professional peers.

How It Works

Simple process overview:

  1. Username Submission: Input your GitHub username in the invitation form below.

  2. Receive Invitation: Our system sends an invite directly to your GitHub account. Typically, you will also receive an email notification at the email address associated with your GitHub account.

  3. Engage in Collaboration: Accept the invite to access our project repositories and contribute.

  4. Membership Visibility: Optionally, set your membership visibility to public. Read below why it's important.

Invitation Form

Submit your GitHub username below to join the Cloud Study Network organization on GitHub.

JavaScript Requirement

To use the invitation form, ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. This security measure helps prevent automated submissions and spam.

Organization Membership Visibility

Important note on membership visibility:

By default, GitHub sets your membership visibility to private, meaning it won't be visible to others viewing your profile. We recommend changing this setting to public within your GitHub organization settings. You can set your org membership to public by following the steps in this tutorial. Showcasing your participation helps demonstrate your active role in our community and the broader open-source ecosystem.


Your advantages by joining the Cloud Study Network organization on GitHub:

We look forward to your contributions and to growing together.